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NGK spark plug CPR 7 EA-9 (3901)

Order ID 50070101040
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NGK spark plug CPR 7 EA-9 (3901)

Order ID 50070101040
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NGK iridium spark plug CPR. EA-9

Iridium is a high-tech precious metal form aerospace technology and shimmers in all the colours of the rainbow.
It is extremely hard, heat-resistant and indestructible – in short: the ideal material for a spark plug.
This makes the NGK iridium spark plug with its valuable precious metal a good investment – and one that pays off over the long run compared with a standard spark plug: lower petrol consumption, longer lifespan, uniform combustion, no dropouts, no misfires, no sooting in stop-go traffic.

NGK spark plugs: high quality at a low price. NGK is the premium supplier for the Japanese motorbike industry.

Explanation of labels:
C = thread diameter: 10 mm, hex key size: 16 mm
P = prominent insulator tip
R = with resistance
Number = heat rating (the higher the value, the colder the type – i.e. the higher the value, the less sensitive at high combustion temperatures)
E = thread length: 19 mm
A = special traits/design
-9 = electrode gap: 0.9 mm

Price per unit.


Before (!) buying and before (!) fitting the spark plugs, you must always ensure that the selected spark plugs correspond exactly to the specifications and approvals in the manufacturer’s user manual!
If you do not have the user manual to hand, please contact your workshop or motorbike manufacturer!
Use only products and specifications that are approved for your vehicle – the heat ratings in particular should not be changed for modern engines!
Iridium spark plugs can be used with no problems as replacement for the standard spark plugs if the standard complies with that specified by the motorbike manufacturer.
Ignoring this can lead to severe damage to your vehicle for which we accept no responsibility and which will invalidate the warranty!