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About POLO

For us at POLO there is only one thing that really matters: motorbikes! For that reason, we design and sell everything you need: Motorcycle gear, parts and accessories. So basically, everything but the bike itself.

POL Zentrale Jüchen

POLO in Numbers

We started with our first store in Willich (Germany) in 1980. Now, there are more than 90 stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Also, we have 65.000 products and more than 3700 bikes in our bike database to make sure you always find the right parts for your motorcycle.


The heart of POLO are our more than 900 employees. Their knowledge, their experience and commitment make POLO into what we are now: one of the leading companies in the industry with an exceptional service level. 90% of our people are bikers themselves - the other 10 are great fans of this hobby. And our customers feel the difference, in our service as much as in our product quality.


Our headquarters in Jüchen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) is more than just a place of business. On our premises with more than 75.000 m² you can find our center of distibution. Also, there is a superstore, an outlet and a cafe that serves as a meeting point for motorcycle enthusiasts in the whole area.

Exclusive brands

We do not only sell high quality motorcycle products, we also design our own products - according to our own standards and quallity requirements. Just as we want them to be. A whole team of designers is working on nothing but our own brands' prodoct lines: With FLM, NEXO and SPIRIT MOTORS we set new standards in terms of quality and reliability - again and again.

Press contact

You want to know more about us? Just let us know and we are happy to help!

Your press contact at POLO:

Tobias Höfer
Marketing & communication

tel: +49 (2165) 8440 - 200
fax: +49 (2165) 8440 - 600

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