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Givi Monolock® Topcase B34N flat black

Order ID 70140000240
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Givi Monolock® Topcase B34N flat black

Order ID 70140000240
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Givi Monolock® Top Case B34

Thanks to the Universal Adapter Plate, this top case can be used on just about every luggage rack, whether it’s on a motorcycle, scooter, quad or trike.


  • Compact top case with enough storage capacity for shopping or a helmet and more
  • Extra narrow and somewhat elongated
  • Easy-to-use closure with snap mechanism when closing the top case
  • One-hand operation when opening and closing
  • B34N with red, B34NT (Tech) with tinted reflectors
  • Includes the Universal Adapter Plate = only this adapter plate is screwed down, the top case can always be easily removed
  • Without the Universal Adapter Plate, it fits the intended luggage racks (Givi, Quick Lock)
  • Reliable lock system with the same lock for opening the case and removing it from the plate 
  • Very durable material
  • Replacement parts are also available individually upon request

Dimensions (approx.):
34 litres storage capacity - for one helmet and more
Length x width x height 46 x 42 x 33 cm


  • Almost all individual parts are also available as replacement parts in the long term
  • The Universal Adapter Plate is also available individually under the order number 70150000070 for use on multiple bikes
  • A matching backrest is available under order no. 70150001153
  • Coloured painted lid cover can be found under order number 70150001390 and following

Top cases, cases and their carriers need no certification and therefore, no mark of conformity, certificate or type approval.

Price each includes one Universal Adapter Plate

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