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Kern-Stabi X5 adapter for frame

Order ID 60150201830
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Kern-Stabi X5 adapter for frame

Order ID 60150201830
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Universal frame adapter is designed for application on hollow Motorcycles (universal!) Swing axles with diameters of 8 - 30 mm.
With a few easy steps you lift your bike to a comfortable working height.              
As stable as it was nailed!

You will only need one frame adapter, as it should have a hollow bore wings (min = 8 max. = 30mm) for in almost all sports bikes.

Even though it seems impossible it enables secure jacking up a motorcycle by just one person.
And without any modifications to the machine. It doesn't matter if the bike is faired or unfired.

With our new universal adapter now we give you the opportunity to take your bike safely on one of our various Stabi hydraulic stands! Complete, both front and rear.

Both the fork and rear suspension are ideally positioned for any upcoming repair works. The fork and the swingarm are unloaded.

Ideal for storing the motorcycle during winter or various works.

The suspension is completely relieved and tires are protected from distortions. (tire imbalance!).

The adapter is designed in such a way that it keep your machine safe and very stable on the respective lift table. It may also be secured again.

You can use with all stands, including maneuvering stands. Please make sure that the floor in your garage is not just potholes. Concrete floor is o.k.!

With two securing ratchet stripes.

Suitable for all Kern lifts.

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