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Shin Yo speedo 60mm with lights K1.0 polished/white/blue

Order ID 60120201401
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Shin Yo speedo 60mm with lights K1.0 polished/white/blue

Order ID 60120201401
  • mechanical speedometer with a white dial and 4 warning lights
  • shows trip distance and speeds up to 220 km/h
  • diameter: 60 mm
  • with a universal mounting bracket
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Shin Yo Speedometer 60mm stainless steel with indicator lights K-value 1.4

Mechanical speedometer with four warning lights (main beam, neutral, motor, indicators) for models with speedometer cable.


  • In a sturdy stainless steel housing
  • Dial to 220 Km/h
  • With trip meter
  • Can be bolted on many places with the supplied retaining strut (for example on the handlebar)
  • Also suitable for installation in panels (bolted without bracket with two M5 threads)
  • With speedometer cable connection M12x1.0

Executions (not available in all combinations):

  • With polished or black housing (1st specified in the article/ in the selection box)
  • With white or black dial (2nd specified in the article/ in the selection box)
  • White or blue lights (3rd specified in the article/ in the selection box)

Dimensions (approx.):
Fitting Ø: 60 mm
Ø Border: 67 mm
Overall depth total: 46 mm
Depth from adjuster: 25 mm 
Total length with shaft connection: 76 mm
Ø mounting hole in retaining strut: 10 mm
Distance of mounting hole to centre: 45 mm
Distance M5 threaded centre/ centre: 45 mm
Cable length: 50 cm
Weight: 275 g

What you need for your model can be seen on the original dial or calculated based on the rotations of the speedometer cable.
K1.4 = K value of 1.4 corresponds to 60 km/h = 1400 revolutions
K1.0 = K value of 1.0 corresponds to 60 km/h = 1000 revolutions
The K value indicates the input revolutions per kilometer.
A K value of 1.4 means that at 1400 input turns, the counter of the speedometer indicates one kilometer driven. An indication of the k value can usually be found on the back of the original speedometer.
K value 1.4 will include most motorcycles from Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha - but there are exceptions !!!

Connection Note:
If on the old speedometer two separate turn signal indicator lights were present for the right side and left side, the two single wires (right turn signal and left turn signal) must be connected to the yellow cable of the speedometer.
IMPORTANT: A blocking diode must be connected in series on each of these wires so that the current can flow to the speedometer, but no longer back to the other indicator wires!
Otherwise, all 4 turn indicators would come on, regardless whether you indicate left or right.
We recommend for two 5A silicon power diodes (V) 50V.

Permit (in Germany):
The speedometers do not have E-mark approval, or type approval.
For models that have been homologated to old German law by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (approximately until the end of the 90s), these speedometers can be used without any problems!
With newer models that have been homologated in accordance with EU law, the approval lies with the judgment of the examiner (TÜV, Dekra, etc.).

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Perfekter Tacho
Review by Matthias
Ich habe diesen fantastischen kleinen Tacho auf einer XT 600 verbaut. Ruhige und präzise anzeigende Tachonadel, alle Kontrolleuchten integriert. Perfekt! Kein Schnickschnack oder digitales
Geflimmer. Mehr braucht man nicht. (Posted on 10/19/2018)
Toller Tacho!
Review by Christoph
Tolles Teil, super Verarbeitung (Posted on 2/24/2018)
sehr gut
Review by Daniel
sehr schöner Tacho, K1,4 , passt sehr gut an Custom Motorräder, die Verkabelung ist etwas umständlich aber total im Rahmen. Alles in allem sehr eimpfehlenswert. (Posted on 1/27/2016)
Gutes Teil!
Review by Tommy
Schöner Tacho mit blauer Hintergrundbeleuchtung.
Einfache Montage, alles Kabel sind deutloch beschrieben, kleines schickes Metallgehäuse, was auch nicht so wirkt als sei es billig verarbeitet!
Kann ich wirklich nur empfehlen! (Posted on 1/10/2013)
Schönes, schlichtes Tacho
Review by Mike
Ich habe mir das Tacho für eine Cafe Racer Umbau geholt. Alles da, was man braucht. Das ist so ziemlich das kleinste analoge Tacho, welches es mit Kontrollleuchten gibt.

Leider musste ich bei der Montage feststellen, dass die Kabelbelegung seitens des Herstellers für Öl und Neutral vertauscht waren. Hierfür brauchte ich 1,5 Std, da ich den Fehler anfänglich bei meinem 30 Jahre alten Moped gesucht hatte.

Also - das Teil kann ruhigen Gewissens gekauft werden. Und wenn die Kontrollleuchten nicht funktionieren, einfach mal die Belegung umklemmen und nicht gleich das ganze Moped zerlegen.

PS: Ein dickes Lob an Polo. Ihr seit sehr großzügig mit der Sache umgegangen.
(Posted on 5/25/2012)