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Rizoma ProGuard system lever protectors M6 black

Order ID 60490202022
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Rizoma ProGuard system lever protectors M6 black

Order ID 60490202022
  • stylish design and excellent workmanship
  • with an M6 fastening screw, suitable for bikes like the Yamaha YZF R1 and R6 from 2006 onwards
  • additional adaptors are needed for most other models
  • passive accident protection: stops the brake lever hitting another motorbike or a car mirror, for example
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ProGuard System® handlebar end with lever guard

For most models, except YZF R1 and YZF R6 from 2006 onwards, additional adaptors are required for mounting (60490202040 and following).

Motorbike racing accidents often occur due to unintentional contact between the brake lever and another motorbike. This can trigger unexpected full braking and lead to serious accidents.
But even during normal road use, accidents are often caused by this kind of contact with other road users, especially with the external rear-view mirrors of vehicles.

The ProGuard System® protects the lever ends and thus drastically reduces the possibility of accidental contact.

Numerous tests on the racetrack and in the wind tunnel have shown that from a speed of 180 km/h and upwards the airstream creates aerodynamic drag on the brake and clutch levers that exerts a pressure loading of up to 0.7–0.8 bar on the hydraulics. This pressure leads to a friction wear on the brake pads and discs as well as slipping of the clutch discs leading to overheating of the system and performance losses. As the wind tunnel tests have demonstrated, the ProGuard System® deflects the airstream responsible for the pressure build-up and thus guarantees optimum functioning of the brakes and clutch.

Compared to its competitors, the ProGuard System® impresses not only with its technical and safety features but also due to its attractive styling. The design concept is aimed at perfect aesthetic coordination and imparts the motorbike greater safety and a striking, aggressive appearance.

The package includes 2 plastic deflectors of differing lengths (135 and 185 mm) that can be used as required and as space restrictions allow.

Price per unit.