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Quick-Lock Power Socket MZ

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Quick-Lock Power Socket MZ

Order ID 70230103500
  • tank ring system connected to the on-board power supply
  • allows you to use and/or charge external electronic devices like satnavs, mobile phones or video cameras
  • highly versatile thanks to handy features like a map light, inside lights for tank bags and universal sockets
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The recently enhanced tank ring system takes power from the on-board power supply. This means you can operate/recharge external electronic devices like GPS systems, mobiles or video cameras. Wide range of uses thanks to great features like a map light, lights inside the tank bag or universal sockets.

Technical description: Two gold-plated contacts carry power to the rucksack, with a safety circuit preventing the contacts short circuiting when you remove the tank bag. The connections in the upper ring consist of highly effective spring pins. These ensure that permanent contact is maintained even through the vibrations and shaking caused by driving. The high-quality components mean that a current of 5 amperes can be taken from the unit. With the upper ring in place (tank bag), a locking pin activates the relay and switches on 12V supply voltage