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DynoJet Oxygen Sensor 23021 for Kawasaki

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DynoJet Oxygen Sensor 23021 for Kawasaki

Order ID 50050210080
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Oxygen Sensor Eliminator kit as a substitute for the lambda probe

On many models, lambda probes are used to control the mixture preparation at low revs.
The main aim of this is to keep the emission values low together with the cat.

As sport riders frequently use exhaust systems without cat and lambda sensor, removing the lambda probe on many models produces error messages on the FI lamp etc.

Some motorbikes use the values supplied by the lambda probe to constantly monitor the injection system, specifically in the range that is generally ridden in everyday use.
This produces erratic handling and jolting when travelling at constant speed as well as lean throttle response.
Vehicles optimised using the Power Commander do not respond as expected in this rpm range as the injection system readjusts due to the lambda probe.

The O2 sensor eliminator replaces the lambda probe via the original socket and reports the expected optimum value to the injection system.
This avoids readjustment, the FI lamp stays off and tuning tasks in the lower rpm range are implemented effectively.
   No more jolting when travelling at constant speed.
   No more error messages with exhaust systems without catalytic converter and lambda probe.
   Optimised by the Power Commander in all rpm ranges.
   Easy to tune.

NOTE! In some vehicles, 2 lambda probes are used, so 2 O2 sensor eliminators are required.