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Berni`s satnav bracket NH3 board dowel handle bar 12-14 mm

Order ID 70230106350
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Berni`s satnav bracket NH3 board dowel handle bar 12-14 mm

Order ID 70230106350
  • for almost all models with split clip-on handlebars that are clamped from the outside
  • fits the inner diameters stated
  • highly adjustable for optimum positioning
  • for all standard motorbike satnavs
  • with optional waterproof cases: also suitable for car satnavs
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Berni’s GPS bracket NH3 plate dowel for handlebar tube

Universal bracket for nearly all models with split clip-ons that are clamped form the outside (many BMW models and nearly all sport bikes).
The bracket is fastened by means of a bolt guide on the triple clamp side in the handlebar tube.
A special counter piece made of aluminium splays when screwed tight and thus provides a perfect hold.

The millimetres given in the item description provide the possible interior diameter that is suitable for the respective item.

Turned and milled from high-quality aluminium/plastic.

Highly adjustable:
1. bracket can be turned into any position for clamping
2. the upper and lower struts of the bracket can be set at up to a 90° angle
3. the mounting plate can be turned and fastened in any position
This makes it possible to find a position for the GPS so that it does not obscure anything relevant in the cockpit but still remains adequately visible – on practically every motorbike.

The rotation is secured firmly by means of screws.
This also provides a higher level of anti-theft protection than with the RAM Mount systems.

The mounting plate has slot holes making it compatible with the original brackets of all standard motorbike GSP devices (TomTom, Garmin, etc.).
For devices that have a mounting for a claw plate the click adaptor may be necessary.
With our waterproof GPS bags you can also attach and use a number of other devices (e.g. car GPS devices) with no problem at all.
With the special bags also suitable for smartphones.
This bracket can, of course, also be used for mounting other kinds of devices (e.g. sport cameras) as required.

This GPS bracket can also be used as a handlebar handle or attached to many other tubular metal parts.

The variable dimensions are:
Height 35 to 85 mm
Width 65 mm
Depth 45 mm