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Stahlbus cap for vent bolt red

Order ID 60171200140
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Stahlbus cap for vent bolt red

Order ID 60171200140
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Stahlbus Cap made of Aluminium

Wonderful Stahlbus-vent bolt and nothing to pull it tight?
Here is the ultimate answer to the standard dust protection cap made of rubber. So please do not forget to tighten the protection cap after successfully ventilating the brake / clutch. CNC precision turned part made from anodized aluminum with rubber insert for a fixed sit.
Design: Groove (fits Stahlbus vent bolt)
Note: The red, green and blue colors are not stable under the effect of heat, i.e. there may be small color variations. These do not represent a reason for complaint. This cap only fits the original Stahlbus vent bolt.
PS: A little care has a big effect even on small parts. So before tightening wipe away the last drops of brake fluid from the nipple.