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Quick-Lock EVO socket for Ducati/Yamaha with 5 screws

Order ID 70230100770
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Quick-Lock EVO socket for Ducati/Yamaha with 5 screws

Order ID 70230100770
  • for fixing to the fuel cap ring of Ducati and Yamaha motorbikes
  • allows you to attach Quick-Lock Evo tank bags
  • the tank bag can be attached/removed in seconds
  • no contact between the tank bag and the bike’s paintwork
  • made of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide with a secure, strong locking mechanism
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For attachment to the filler cap ring on Ducati and Yamaha motorbikes with a filler cap outer ring with 5 screws.

Allows the attachment of Quick-Lock Evo tank rucksacks.
For rapid attachment/removal of the tank rucksack.
No contact between the tank rucksack and the vehicle’s paintwork.
Can also be used on aluminium and plastic tanks.

Made of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide with secured, resilient catch.
Allows easy tank filling.

Package contents:
        Quick-Lock Evo tank ring
        Assembly material
        Assembly instructions


No belts, no magnets!
Thanks to the stiffened base plate and the attachment socket, this tank rucksack has no direct contact with the tank.
Therefore there is no rubbing of the paintwork and no scratching.
Only the adaptor is permanently mounted on the outer ring of the filler cap.
Thanks to the various adaptors, the system can be mounted on practically any filler cap with an outer ring.
You just need to select the appropriate adaptor for your filler cap model.

The mounting socket on the tank rucksack is not pre-assembled.
This allows you to position the tank rucksack exactly as you require.
The tank rucksack is then simply pushed onto the adaptor and clicks into place.
To disconnect simply pull the drawstring and the quick fastener will release the rucksack.