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Acewell Cockpit round 4x67 chrome, to 12000 rpm

Order ID 60120500054
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Acewell Cockpit round 4x67 chrome, to 12000 rpm

Order ID 60120500054
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A complete cockpit with warning lights, a selectable background color and a remote control for the handlebar.
Aluminium housing 80 x 70mm
6 LED control lights – blinkers, full beam, reserve light, engine warning light, oil warning light, low beam.
A simultaneous display of the rev counter (maximal sight), a digital numeric speedo (up to 399,9km/h or 248,9mph), the temperature, a bar fuel gauge and other data.
Digital display of: the rev counter (all versions up to 20.000 rpm), the temperature, the voltmeter (8 to 25 V), 2 trip odometers (up to 999,9km or mile), the odometer (up to 999 999 km or 624 999 miles), the air temperature ( in °C or °F). The maximal and the average speed.
An integrated lap-timer, up to 99 laps.
A regulated warning LED light and a temperature warning LED light.

7 bar fuel gauge is available only when this function is originally available! Three different fuel tank sensors: +/- 100, 250 or 510 ohms or off mode.


The hour meter and the odometer are not changeable! When new, the odometer is adjustable up to the firs 30 km.


Universal wheel circumference setting rang: 1-3999mm.


3 different background colors! (blue, green, red)


A comfortable remote control on the handlebar. This means that all functions are easily accessible without taking your hand off the handlebar. The lap-timer can be accessed the same way!


For 12V batteries.


A CDI-and TI-adjusted rev-counter sensor which may perform measurement on an ignition cable.


The set includes: a holder, a rev sensor, a hall sensor, magnets, a temperature sensor (M10x1,0), a set of cables, mounting parts, a remote control, instructions and schemes.


With E mark and ABE.