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Yuasa battery Yumicron YB14-B2, 12V, 14Ah, 900ml

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Yuasa battery Yumicron YB14-B2, 12V, 14Ah, 900ml

Order ID 50011000280
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Yuasa Yumicron YB7-A Battery

The Yumicron 12 Volt Starter Battery for higher demands on motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, snowmobiles, ride mowers etc.


  • Lead accumulators of the highest quality from the original equipment manufacturer of many brands
  • Robust glass mat can withstand vibrations
  • The extra-thin separators allow the installation of additional plates and provides up to 30% more starting power than conventional battery types
  • Cell connectors that run through the wall minimize the internal resistance, which results in maximum performance
  • The Sulphate Stop insulates plate sulphation and prolongs its service life
  • Each battery is thoroughly tested and checked before delivery
  • Is delivered dry - please also order the appropriate battery acid (50020000010) for the filling (approx. filling quantity up to the maximum marking, see article description)
  • WARNING: Use acid only during initial filling - should the liquid level have dropped during use, only fill with distilled water (50020000250)
  • Is delivered complete with venting hose and connecting bolts


  • Please check in advance that it is suitable for your vehicle (fitting accuracy, dimensions, type, position of poles and venting), as it is not possible to exchange a filled battery
  • Before filling the battery, remove the filling plug and the venting cap
  • Add acid and allow to stand for about 30 minutes, so that the air can easily escape - then check the acid level and top up if necessary
  • Insert the plug for the filling openings, connect the breather hose, install the battery and start it - the battery does not yet have the full power (about 70%), but it can be used for starting several times without problems
  • The battery reaches its full performance on the first trip or before using a battery charger

Dimensions and power:
Length x width x height: 135 x 75 x 133 mm
Weight when filled: 3 kg
Connections: + pole front left, - pole front right
Vent on the left
12 volt
8 Ah
Cold start capacity CCA: 124 A

Price per piece (without acid)

Advice for battery disposal and deposit