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Hi-Q batteriyYB7-A, 12Volt, 8Ah, 600ml acid capacity

Order ID 50010300610
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Hi-Q batteriyYB7-A, 12Volt, 8Ah, 600ml acid capacity

Order ID 50010300610
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This battery features high quality and comes complete with the correct quantity of battery acid. The low price is achieved through bulk buying.
It is supplied complete with vent tube and fixing screws.
Each battery is inspected and tested extensively before shipping.
The battery is supplied in a dry, pre-charged state. Please use the battery acid provided for filling.
If the fluid level falls during use, top up using distilled water only (50020000250) – never use battery acid.

Before filling the battery, check that it fits your vehicle (snugness of fit, dimensions, type, location of the poles and vent) because batteries cannot be exchanged once filled.
Remove the vent caps before filling the batteries.
Pour in the acid and let it stand for about 30 minutes to enable the air to escape properly.
Replace the vent plugs for the intake openings, connect the vent tube, install the battery and start the engine. In this state, the battery is not at full power (about 70%), but it will enable the engine to be started a number of times without any problems.
The battery will achieve full power during the first trip, or beforehand if a compatible motorbike charger is used.

12 V, 8 Ah
Length x width x height = 137 x 76 x 134 mm
Terminals: positive on the left, negative on the right
Vent to the left


Advice for battery disposal and deposit