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Shoulder Level 2 Protector 2.0 Type A (Set of 2)

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Color: without Velcro® without Velcro® black
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Product description


Safe-Max shoulder Level-2 protector 2.0 Type A (set of 2) 

Special protector shape for all joint types
1. No multi-joint or one-size-fits-all joint types.
As the protectors have been developed for all joint types, each protector could be tailored to the size of the corresponding joint.
2. Taking into account the size difference between the elbow joint and knee joint, the elbow protector is narrower than the knee protector.
3. Type-A protectors for small sizes are no longer over dimensional, but fit the anatomy of small-size joints correctly and are thus significantly smaller than Type-B protectors for normal to large sizes.
4. With shape and size perfectly adapted to the joints, the protectors are lighter and significantly more comfortable to wear.

Innovative PU memory foam with unique visco-elasticity from Safe-Max®
5. The new PU memory foam from Safe-Max® is extremely flexible, but does not become soft (The new visco-elastic PU memory foam from Safe-Max® exhibits a unique level of flexibility while at the same time offering sufficient rigidity that prevents it from deforming.)
6. The high level of flexibility enables a compact yet sealed design. Thanks to the high level of flexibility and the convex upper edge, potential pressure points are eliminated, which in turn eliminates the need for additional straps (as with the Safe-Max P-1002.1 elbwow/knee protector).  The “closed design” with fewer “open slits” offers increased safety.
7. High impact and residual energy values.
The average threshold value for Level-2 protectors at ambient temperature as per standard is ≤ 20 kN, for Safe-Max Level-2 protectors 2.0 the value is only 13.5 kN (DIN EN 1621-1:2012).
8. The uniquely flexible foam perfectly adapts to your joint no matter what your riding position. Pressure points are banished. You can barely feel the protectors.
9. Other manufacturers claim that their Level-2 protectors are comfortable, with POLO they actually are!

Material: 100% polyurethane
Type-A protectors fit children’s and ladies’ clothes up to size 42 (ladies M).
Type-B protectors fit ladies’ clothes from size 44 (ladies L) and all men sizes.
The hip protector is available in size Type B and fits in all trousers with suitable hip protector pockets.

Types and sizes:
Standard sizes                Shoulder,             Type-B (set)*       32094401
                                        Elbow,            Type-B (set)*       32094601
                                        Knee,                   Type-B (set)*       32094801
                                        Hip,                 Type-B (set)         32094901
Small sizes                    Shoulder,             Type-A (set)*      32094301
                                        Elbow,            Type-A (set)*      32094501
                                        Knee,                   Type-A (set)*      32094701
* Shoulder, elbow and knee protectors with integrated Velcro patches for individual positioning inside the protector pockets.

Item No. 32094302

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