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Klasing-Verlag Maintenance instructions Vespa ET, LX, S Automatic

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Klasing-Verlag Maintenance instructions Vespa ET, LX, S Automatic

Order ID 00507000
  • detailed, illustrated instructions for servicing and repair jobs
  • tried and trusted Schneider servicing instructions with full technical details
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As the world’s leading scooter manufacturer, Piaggio has been selling its ET and LX series, modernised versions of the legendary Vespa, since 1996. Recently these have also been supplemented by the LXV and S series. Featuring an all-steel body and a front-wheel suspension inspired by aircraft design, Piaggio has stayed true to its traditions. The motor and the belt-driven automatic transmission are, however, right up to date. Alongside a number of starter models with 50 cc 2-stroke motors, the Italians primarily offer a number of extremely economical and environmentally sound 4-stroke models, in Germany mostly with 125 cc, but elsewhere also available with 50 and 150 capacities.

The updated and expanded new edition of this manual (originally published in 2006) contains 152 pages with around 530 photos and illustrations detailing all necessary maintenance, setting and assembly work for these vehicles, starting with dismantling the bodywork and chassis, going through descriptions of how to remove and dismantle the motor, OHC valve control mechanism and the automatic transmission, and on to explanations of how to maintain the braking system, carburettor, injection system (ET 50 Iniezione) and electronics. Coloured switching diagrams, troubleshooting tables, complete technical data, tables of tightening torques and cylinder dimensions as well as an extensive index round off this book that is conveniently structured according to assemblies and broken down into working steps.

Servicing and repair tips for 18 models:
2-stroke: ET 2 50, ET 2 50 Ini., LX 2 50, LXV 50, S 50.
4-stroke: ET 4 50, ET 4 125, ET 4 125 LEADER, ET 4 150,
ET 4 150 LEADER, LX 50 4T, LX 50 4V, LX 125, LX 150,
LXV 125, S 50 4V, S 125, S 150.

2nd edition, 152 pages, 528 photos and illustrations, including 68 colour photos, 70 diagrams, format: 14.9 x 21 cm, hardback, Schneider Media UK LTD.
Author: Hans J. Schneider
ISBN: 978-3-7688-5787-1