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Dino KRAFTPAKET jump start device/powerbank 5in1, 12V, 18Ah, 600A, 66,6Wh

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Dino KRAFTPAKET jump start device/powerbank 5in1, 12V, 18Ah, 600A, 66,6Wh

Order ID 50020001002
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Dino POWERBANK jump start system 12 V-600 A

One for all – all for one – starting aid device
The Dino power pack with a solid battery capacity of 18,000mAh and a peak current of 600A is designed to start all diesel engines with a capacity of up to 7.5 litres and gasoline engines with a capacity of up to 8 litres.
Even completely discharged vehicle batteries can easily be jump started with the help of the boost function and an intelligent circuit arrangement.

The jump start booster switches on as soon as the clamps are connected to the vehicle's battery. As soon as the clamps are disconnected from the battery and the Dino quick start system, the mobile jump start system switches off.

Modern safety technology with reverse polarity protection, deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, under-voltage warning and intelligent charge management protect you against improper use.

The integrated LED light has three functions and will not leave you in the dark (SOS, flashing & continuous light).

Features an integrated power bank for charging among other things cameras, laptops, mobile phones, notebooks, navigation devices, smartphones, handheld game consoles, tablets and other digital devices.

One of the highlights is the 12V 10A output for maintaining the voltage during battery replacement and for powering cool boxes, air compressors, electric jacks, handheld vacuums, water kettles or vehicle ventilators.  All 12 volt vehicle accessories can be operated with this Dino POWER PACK. The constant voltage output can also be used as supply point and to maintain the voltage during battery replacement, in order to avoid the loss of important electronic settings during battery replacement. A matching OBD2 memory saver cable is available as an optional accessory (item no. 136108).
Calculation for a connected cool box or other electrical device:
Sample calculation:
Your cool box consumes 48 watts at an operation of 12 volts.
The Dino POWERBANK supplies 66.6 watt-hours.
66.6Wh: 48Wh = 1.375 hours.
The operating time of the cool box is approx. 1.375 hours.
The consumption value of your cool box can be found in the instruction manual or on the device label.

A matching 12V power outlet has been included in the scope of delivery since 11-11-2015.
The 12V power outlet can also be ordered separately (item no. 136109).

Scope of delivery:

  • Consists of a jumper cable, 3-in-1 charging cable, power supply unit, cord with cigarette lighter plug, hollow plug adapter set, adapter cable, 12 volt power outlet and is included in a sealable pouch together with the device.

Target Group
Vehicle owners, campers, travellers, car dealers, car dealerships, used car dealers, motorcycle dealers, car repair shops, camper van dealers. Ideal for users who only need a single device for all engine sizes and can use it to charge and operate a multitude of electrical devices.

Technical Data:

Watt-hours: 66.6 Wh (12 V)
Battery cells: 18,000 mAh (3 x 6,000 mAh)
Battery capacity: 6.26 Ah
Battery type: Nano Lithium polymer
Starting aid device current – 12V: 300 A / 600 A (peak capacity)
Number of jump starts: 20
Suitable for the following engine sizes:
12V diesel: Up to 7.5 litres displacement
12V gasoline engine: Up to 8.0 litres displacement
Starting aid device 12V • 600A - technical specifications
Jump start boost function:
Completely discharged vehicle batteries can easily be jump started with the help of the boost function and an intelligent circuit arrangement.
Fully automatic:
Automatically switches on as soon as the clamps are connected to the vehicle battery and jump start system.
Length of jumper cables: approx. 39 cm (29 cm without the electronics box)

Outputs: 5

Output types:
- 5V / 1A (USB for mobile phones)
- 5V / 2A (USB for tablets, smartphones and other digital devices)
- 12V / 10A (for 12V vehicle accessories)
- 19V / 3.5 A (for laptops and notebooks)
- 12 V jumper cable output

LED lamp: 1 W LED
Input: 14 V / 1 A
Charge cycles: 1,000
Charge time: 5 hours

LED charge level indicator: 5 blue LEDs
Working temperature: -20° C to +60° C
Storage temperature: +10° C to +60° C

Operating voltage:
230 V with power supply and 12 V with cigarette lighter cable


  • 615 g


  • 23 x 8.7 x 2.8 cm

Scope of delivery:

1 x multi-purpose device (jump start system and powerbank

To charge the Dino-powerbank
1 x power plug (Input (AC): 100 V / 240 V / Output (DC): 14 V / 1 A)
1 x vehicle charging cable (input/output: 14 V / 1 A (from the lighter socket)

To start the vehicle:
1 x intelligent jumper cable for 12-volt vehicles with reverse polarity protection and boost function

To start electrical devices:
1 x 3-in-1 charging cable with micro USB, lightning and tablet plug
1 x hollow plug adapter set (8 parts)
1 x adapter cable

To operate 12V vehicle accessories:
1 x 12V power outlet

For storage:
1 x sealable pouch

1 x illustrated German instruction manual


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Kann alles ! Startet sogar problemlos meinen Dodge Ram mit 5.7 Liter V8. Vielseitiges Starthilfegerät
Review by Egon
Top verarbeitet, sehr sehr gute Anleitung. Nutze das Gerät täglich als Powerbank für mein Telefon und ipad. Startet problemlos die Motoren . Klasse finde ich dass ich dieses Gerät auch zu Laden meines Notebooks verwenden kann. Sehr nützlich ist der Dauerspannungsausgang, kann mit jedem handelsüblichen Spannungshalter-OBD2-Kabel die Bordpsannung aufrecht erhalten damit beim Wechsel der batterie die memory- & Radioeinstellungen nicht verloren gehen (y). Ich empfehle das Dino KRAFTPAKET 5in1 Starthilfegerät da man damit alle 12V-Fahrzeuge starten kann, egal ob Motorrad oder Auto. Klasse Teil ! (Posted on 2/10/2017)