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Scottoiler vSystem set, vacuum chain oiler universal

Order ID 60470101270
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Scottoiler vSystem set, vacuum chain oiler universal

Order ID 60470101270
  • the Scottoiler vSystem is operated by the engine vacuum
  • the amount of oil is set using the valve
  • when the engine is running, it creates a vacuum – this lifts a membrane, which opens the Reservoir Metering Valve (RMV)
  • when the valve is open, gravity causes the oil to flow through the delivery hose via the rear sprocket to the chain
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Scottoiler vSystem Set, vacuum chain oiler

Fully automatic chain lubrication while riding.


  • Vacuum-controlled chain oiler which lubricates the chain automatically while riding
  • Is activated when the engine is running
  • Prolongs the life of the chain and sprocket by up to 7-fold
  • Chain maintenance will is completely taken over
  • Tensioning intervals are extended
  • Increases the efficiency of the chain and reduces consumption
  • Is connected to the engine vacuum (injection system, carburetor or existing vacuum hose)
  • The vacuum is only used to open and close the system
  • The chain oil only flows from the reservoir to the chain by the force of gravity
  • The flow rate can be changed via an adjusting knob
  • The tank has a capacity of 60 ml, which is enough for a travel distance of up to about 1530 km
  • Contains a 250 ml bottle of standard Scottoil
  • Universally usable with almost all models
  • Model-specific assembly instructions can be downloaded from the manufacturer
  • On some models, additional components are needed (see possibly Bike DB) or it is directly offered an appropriate kit
  • Special sets with brand indication have additional parts such as are necessary for the meaningful assembly on some models of the brands (see Bike DB)
  • Special sets with model name are suitable specifically for the specified models and not necessarily suitable for other models as universal parts are missing

Dimensions (approx.):
Tank length x width x height: 170 x 37 x 42.5 mm
Tank weight empty: 90 g

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