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Cardo Scala Rider Smartpack Solo

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Cardo Scala Rider Smartpack Solo

Order ID 41907401
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Cardo Scala Rider Smartpack

‘Smart’ communication for small groups

Intercom Functions:

  • DMCTM (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) intercom technology for small groups of bikers (up to 4 bikers) within a dynamic, self-adaptive network. Seamless group communications stay intact, even when members of the group randomly drop out or rejoin it. 
  • Bike-to-bike intercom with a range of up to 1.6 km and up to 5 km among four motorcycle riders.
  • Bluetooth intercom modalities:
        Conference Mode
        Alternates between 9 bikers
  • Cardo Gateway™: Enables intercom connections with headsets from other manufacturers
    Call Function

Call/Audio Functions:

  • Voice-controlled speed-dialling
  • Intercom to Mobile1: When out of intercom range, automatically transfers the call from intercom to mobile phone
  • Mobile conference mode with inclusion of external callers and intercom conversation participants
  • Speed dial (custom-programmable) 
  • Parallel audio streaming
  • During ongoing intercom conversations, seamless muting of all audio sources, including GPS device announcements, VHF radio, MP3 music
  • Music Sharing™ - with A2DP, rider and passenger can simultaneously receive the same audio sources and listen to the same stereo music
  • Built-in VHF radio with RDS and 6 programmable stations


  • Voice Command:  First-class voice recognition technology for truly hands-free device operations – now with a broader menu of voice commands (multi-lingual)
  • Intuitive manual device operations with Cardo’s rolling controller elements
  • Spoken status reports (multi-lingual)
  • The Cardo SmartSetTM App for Android and iOS enables:
     Use of your smart phone as a remote control on the handlebars
     Fit customised to the device
  • Cardo Community® online platform for "social features", device customisation and software upgrades


  • Cutting-edge technology for massive noise cancellation and suppression of environmental noise
  • Spoken status reports (multi-lingual)
  • AGC: AGC technology for automatic volume adjustment depending on the travel speed and surrounding noise 1
  • Interchangeable microphone set for hybrid goose-neck and cable usage
  • Impressive audio quality, thanks to a high-resolution speaker (3.5 mm)
  • Up to 13 hours air time/ 1 week on stand-by
  • Water- and dustproof

Delivered contents (Duo doubled version):

  • Smartpack controller unit
  • Receiver shell for controller unit
  • Mounting plate
  • Speaker
  • USB charger cable
  • USB jack adapter
  • Cable microphone/hybrid microphone with attachment clip
  • Adhesive pads for microphone and speaker
  • Replacement foam cover for microphone