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QBag pair of saddlebags 05, 40-52 liters black

Order ID 70250101490
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QBag pair of saddlebags 05, 40-52 liters black

Order ID 70250101490
  • universally stable and width-adjustable saddlebag pair
  • totally adjustable in width and thus in volume via two zippers
  • made of solid polyester with water-repellent PVC interior coating, waterproof zippers
  • including waterproof rain covers for heavier rain
  • storage space per bag: 20-27 liters (adjustable in width)
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QBag Saddlebag Pair 05

Universally stable and width-adjustable saddlebag pair.
Optionally, you can combine the bags with the Shad Saddlebag Holders Semi Rigid in order to prevent fluttering. .


  • easy-to-use storage space with integrated straps that keep contents inside the bag's pockets
  • angle limiters allow the lids to open only to the point where nothing can fall out
  • totally adjustable in width and thus in volume via two zippers
  • the width, when extended, can be reduced to the necessary level by two compression straps
  • made of solid polyester with water-repellent PVC interior coating
  • waterproof zippers
  • including waterproof rain covers for heavier rain
  • dimensionally stabe even if unloaded, due to thermoformed EVA
  • reflective elements for better visibility
  • padded carry handles
  • two separate tie straps almost always allow them to be stored under the seat
  • can also be used as a universal saddlebag without them
  • matching shaped slots on the back for the Shad Saddlebag Holder Semi Rigid (not included)
  • 2 lashing straps that can be clicked on both sides with secured ends per bag
  • 6 D-rings per bag, for securing the lashing straps

Dimensions (eg.):
Storage space per bag: 20-27 liters (adjustable in width))
length x width x hight outer: 48 x 21-30 x 27 cm
length x width x height inner: 46 x 20-29 x 24 cm
length x width minimum / maximum of trans-connection: 2x 3,8 x 25/74 cm
length x width carrying handle: 10 x 2 cm
length maximum x diameter lashing straps: 66 x 2 cm
weight: 2830 g


  • The Shad Saddlebag Holder Semi Rigid can be found by order no. 70250901100 and following
  • Lock to secure the bag to the motorcycle and / or the zipper from the main compartment (order no. 70250500000, 70250500001 or 70250500002)
  • Waterproof inner pockets secure the contents and allow easier loading (order no. 70240101141)
  • You can use this cable adapter to transfer power from an on-board power outlet into the bag (order no. 50220000460, 60130000700)
  • Using the set of 4 double-D belts (order no. 70230300045) the bag can be universally fastened more securely, in case the supplied straps are not sufficient
  • The bags can be fastened to the number plate fitting with the pair of luggage straps (order no. 70320000000)
  • using the universal pair of eyelets with quick-release fasteners, attachment points can be created where there are none (order no. 70320000240)
  • Paint protection film (order no. 60470101590 or 60470101790) can additionally protect delicate parts when mounted without a saddlebag holder, even with heavy dirt
  • You can find a mathcing backpack via order no. 70260101420

Bags do not need to be approved, so they do not require any certificates, test marks or ABE's.

Price per pair (without Saddlebag Holder )

Universally attachable Saddlebags - fits almost any motorcycle:

  • The Velcro connections can be adjusted to the width of the rear and simply placed above or under the passenger seat (under the seat only, if there are no components in the way)
  • Adjusting the cross-links can also affect the height of the bag in ratio to the motorcycle
  • After having positioned the bag as desired, it has to be lashed
  • Using the supplied click straps, central lashing is always possible - only when using with bag holders or if there is a suitable point at the rear
  • We recommend the 2-point attachment for which the set of 4 double D belts is additionally required (order no. 70230300045)
  • First, lay the front straps (frame tubes, footpeg retainers, etc.) in such a way that they do not restrict your freedom of movement or expose any non-loadable parts (such as the rear fascia) to heavy weight
  • Then just pull them only tight enough for the bags to hold their position and not slip around too much
  • Now look for reliable mounting points for the rear attachment straps, individually on every motorcycle
  • These are usually the license plate carrier, grab handles, frame tubes, turn signal mounts (if they are solid enough), etc.
  • The straps can be independently fastened to each other on the left and right - if that is not possible, you can also connect them together and thus create a continuous strap from right to left
  • Optional retainers (order no.70320000000) going to the back wheel can also be bolted to the rear of the license plate attachment (not like in the illustration, since the license plate would be covered) - this will result in to ideal lashing points
  • Please make sure that nothing is disconnected or over-tightened
  • Then pull the two straps tight enough so that the pockets are still a bit loose
  • Double-check the desired position of the pockets and correct, if necessary
  • Only then tighten all four straps evenly so that the pockets are stable and can no longer slip even when loaded
  • Please secure the strap ends from flapping
  • Due to this stability, the bags can be used on models that do not have Semi Riged Saddlebag Holders
  • We recommend using paint protection film on the contact surfaces of the bags to the rear (order no. 60470101590 or 60470101790)
  • In general, please always carefully increase the speed on the first rides or at new loading

Attach to the Shad Saddlebag Holders Semi Rigid:

  • the pockets are slid over the saddlebag straps from the top with the perfectly measured slit pockets
  • velcro straps then secure the pockets to the front and rear overhanging pipes
  • finally the trans connections are laid under the seat in order to prevent squashing components or obstructing functions
  • if this is not possible, the trans connection should be laid over the seat
  • the connection straps should be looped together as tightly as possible to give the pockets extra stability
  • in addition, the clickable lashing straps should be used accordingly for further securing on the vehicle (also see below)
  • in general, please keep in mind to go slowly for the first couple of tours and then carefully increase speed


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Gute Satteltaschen für wenig Geld
Review by Jenny
Habe die Satteltaschen für meine Yamaha MT 09 (2016) gekauft. Ich wollte auf Mehrtagestouren mein Gepäck nicht auf dem Rücken transportieren. So kam ich im SALE auf diese Taschen. Leider gab es das passende Trägersystem für mein Modell nicht mehr. Wurde aber vom techn. Service dazu super beraten und habe sie letztlich gekauft! Danke POLO!
Die beiden Taschen entsprechen genau meiner Vorstellung. Durch die Erweiterung bekommt man genug Stauraum, das Gepäck kann durch elastische Bänder im Innenraum fixiert werden und Regenhauben sind auch dabei! Die Taschen sowie das Trägersystem sind super schnell montiert. Fazit: Super Beratung, super Preis, super Produkt....freue mich schon auf die erste Tour! (Posted on 2/3/2019)