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Motorbuch-Verlag repair manual Bucheli german Yamaha XT 660 R/X

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Motorbuch-Verlag repair manual Bucheli german Yamaha XT 660 R/X

Order ID 68050000370
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Yamaha XT 660 X, XT 660 R – from 2004 onwards

In 2004, Yamaha presented the completely new parallel models XT 660 X as a supermoto version and XT 660 R as an enduro bike. The XT 660 X was a completely new bike, whereas the XT 660 R was the successor to the previous XT series that had enjoyed 30 years of success. With innovations such as petrol injection, catalytic converter, higher engine output and modern design, the XT 660 X and XT 660 R became models in their own right with a characteristic appearance and excellent handling that were exactly what many customers were looking for. XT 660 X und XT 660 R are universal motorbikes that are just as capable of showing their strengths on the daily route to work as on country roads, easy off-road terrain or fully laden on a holiday trip. They are fun to ride and will serve you for many years if treated well. But despite optimum maintenance and care, there can be times on the streets of this world when a problem crops up and there is no Yamaha workshop nearby, and for that this book was written.

This handbook includes the following chapters:
– top test of the XT 660 X and a comparison of the XT 660 R and the XT 660 from “Motorrad”, Europe’s most popular bike magazine
– large chapter with tips on the appropriate tools for the hobby workshop
– settings and care
– carrying out your own maintenance and servicing, with maintenance and mechanics’ tips
– all the approved tyres for the Yamaha XT 660 X and XT 660 R
– professionally removing/replacing wheels
– caring for and maintaining the brakes, changing the brake pads
– caring for and replacing the chain
– inspecting the suspension and dampers
– adjusting and repairing the steering
– removing/replacing the front fork, changing the damper oil
– changing bulbs and fuses
– maintaining, caring for and charging the battery
– checking the alternator and charging system
– removing/replacing spark plugs, inspecting and repairing the ignition system
– fuel system: cleaning the air filter, inspecting and adjusting the injection system
– removing/fitting the exhaust system
– lubricating system: the correct motor oil for the single-cylinder bike, changing the oil yourself
– cooling system: checking and changing the coolant, dismantling and reassembling the water pump
– maintenance, care, dismantling and repair of the clutch and gears
– repairing the starter motor
– checking and adjusting valve clearance
– tightening torques of all important screwed connections
– detailed troubleshooting guide with instructions and tips for repair
– extensive tables of technical data, exact setting values and wear limits
– important addresses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
– large-format, coloured switching diagram on fold-out pages

ISBN: 978-3-7168-2071-1
Binding: paperback
Pages: 174
Format: 210 x 280 mm
Published: 09/2005

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