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Motorbuch-Verlag repair manual german Bucheli Honda VFR 800 F

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Motorbuch-Verlag repair manual german Bucheli Honda VFR 800 F

Order ID 68010101350
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Honda VFR 800 Fl – from 1998 onwards

When Honda brought its VFR 800 FI onto the market in 1998, the marque released a top-class touring sports bike that quickly secured a unique position due to the sum of its technical qualities: the powerful V4 engine with 4 overhead gear-driven cams, petrol injection, regulated catalytic converter, user-friendly CBS braking system and a complete selection of sport tour equipment.

Its especially efficient exhaust gas treatment won this bike a great deal of popularity among a customer base that is ever more sensitive to environmental issues and much respect from its competitors Coupled with Honda’s proverbial reliability, the VFR 800 FI is a sporty universal motorbike that can be a faithful servant to its owner over many years when cared for properly.

But despite optimum maintenance and care, there can be times on the streets of this world when a problem crops up, and for that this book was written.

This handbook includes the following chapters:
· 50,000 km endurance test from “Motorrad”, Europe’s most popular bike magazine
· extra chapter with tips on the appropriate tools for use in the hobby workshop
· settings and maintenance
· carrying out your own maintenance and servicing, with maintenance and mechanics’ tips
· all the tyres for the Honda VFR 800 FI from Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli
· professionally removing/replacing wheels
· caring for and maintaining the brakes
· adjusting the suspension and dampers
· adjusting and repairing the steering
· removing/replacing suspension strut and swingarm
· checking lights and fuses
· maintaining the battery, charging and ignition system
· fuel system: cleaning the air filter, checking, dismantling and reassembling the injection system
· removing/fitting the exhaust system
· lubricating system: the right motor oil for the V4, changing the oil yourself
· checking and adjusting valve clearance
· maintenance, care, dismantling and repair of the clutch and gears
· repairing the starter motor
· maintaining and repairing the cooling system
· numerous detail drawings
· tightening torques of all important screwed connections
· detailed troubleshooting guide with instructions and tips for repair
· extensive table containing all technical data, exact setting values and wear limits
· important accessory addresses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
· fold-out pages: large-format switching diagrams

ISBN: 978-3-7168-2053-7
Binding: paperback
Pages: 176
Format: 210 x 280 mm
Published: 04/2004