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Motorbuch-Verlag repair manual Bucheli german japanese youngtimer

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Motorbuch-Verlag repair manual Bucheli german japanese youngtimer

Order ID 68010101620
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Modern classics from Japan – Honda – Kawasaki – Suzuki – Yamaha

Subjects dealt with in this book:
– buying modern classics and selling them properly: including everything checked by TÜV · registration with the red or H license plate?
– care: washing and polishing the bike, winter storage
– servicing: major and minor service · interval: every 3,000 km like it used to be? · hand it over to the workshop or do it yourself?
– workshop: the right tools to take on the road · what you really need in the hobby or home workshop
– tinkering tips: wrench sizes · repairing damaged threads with a HeliCoil · making seals · greasing, oiling, gluing
– Bowden cables: cleaning and lubricating cables · making your Bowden cables, welding on a nipple · correct laying of Bowden cables
– tyres: the best quality modern tyres · explanations: inch and millimetre sizes for tyres · fitting tubular tyres yourself
– wheels: correct removal/replacement · checking and changing the wheel bearings · balancing spoked wheels
– brakes: disc and drum brakes · changing the brake pads · changing the brake fluid · repairing the brake cylinder and brake pump · steel flex brake hoses
– suspension: adjusting the suspension struts · installing better shock absorbers
– steering: adjusting the steering head bearing · changing the bearing
– front fork: changing the fork oil · dismantling/assembling the fork leg · fitting new Simmerring seals
– rear-wheel drive chain: cleaning, lubricating, tightening the chain · fitting new chain with pinion and rear sprocket
– clutch: adjustment, disassembly and repair
– motor oil: mineral oil or synthetic oil? · doing an oil change
– valve clearance: things to watch out for when making adjustments
– on-board electrics: lights · indicators · horn · conversion to H4 lights
– battery: removing, replacing and charging the battery · which battery is right for my Japanese modern classic
– electrics, charging system: battery is not charging, what do I do? · checking the regulator, alternator, fuses
– starter motor: looking for and finding faults · removing/replacing the electric starter and starter clutch · dismantling and repairing the starter motor
– spark plugs: removal/replacement · checking and adjusting the electrode gap · choosing the best spark plugs · checking the spark plugs and sockets
– ignition system: checking and adjusting the ignition timing · fitting new contact breakers · looking for, finding and repairing ignition faults
– carburettor: cleaning · adjusting · repairing
– tank: removing rust and sealing · repairing the petrol tap
– troubleshooting: problems and solutions on fold-out pages
– large catalogue section: all 3-, 4- and 6-cylinder bikes from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha (1969 to the end of the 1980s)

Tips and tricks on maintaining and repairing Japanese modern classics from 1969 to the end of the 1980s.

Franz Josef Schermer
ISBN: 978-3-7168-2098-8
Binding: paperback
Pages: 192
Format: 210 x 280 mm
Published: 01/2009