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Polo Quick-Lock tankbag electric

Order ID 70230101229
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Polo Quick-Lock tankbag electric

Order ID 70230101229
The shipment contains the following single components:
Quick-Lock tankbag 12 (without topring) 5,5-7 liters   +€39.99
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Small tank rucksack for everyday items. Includes power connection in the tank rucksack.

Height-adjustable by up to 20 mm; 6.5 to 7.5 litres of storage capacity.

Including map compartment and rain cover.

Attachment via Quick-Lock upper and tank rings – no belts, no magnets!

Package contents: power upper ring, rain cover.

Please note!

The appropriate tank ring (socket with current connection) is also required for your model. You will find the one you need for your bike in our motorbike database under the heading Quick-Lock.
For this electric version, the power supply for your tank rucksack is provided via the power socket. The electric tank rucksack cannot be used with the “normal” socket or the Evo tank ring!

Thanks to the stiffened base plate and the attachment socket, this tank rucksack has no direct contact with the tank.
Therefore there is no rubbing of the paintwork and no scratching.

Only the adaptor is permanently mounted on the outer ring of the filler cap.
Thanks to the various adaptors, the system can be mounted on practically any filler cap with an outer ring.
You just need to select the appropriate adaptor for your filler cap model.
The base adaptor (upper part) can be positioned on the respective tank as required.

The tank rucksack is then simply pushed onto the adaptor and clicks into place.
To disconnect, simply pull the drawstring and the quick fastener will release the rucksack. The flow of electricity is also interrupted when the tank rucksack is removed – the tank ring no longer draws power!

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