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Kellermann Polo Micro 1000 Rhombus LED flasher

Order ID 609089
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Kellermann Polo Micro 1000 Rhombus LED flasher

Order ID 609089
  • Long Life Protection Guard system operates the special high-performance LEDs and provides protection from harmful spikes
  • an optional indicator relay or resistor may be needed for installation
  • indicators developed in conjunction with Kellermann® and designed by POLO
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Kellermann Polo Micro 1000 Rhombus LED indicators

An indicator developed with Kellermann and designed by POLO.

The Micro Rhombus is distinguished by its unmistakable and striking design.
Its sharp and distinctive appearance is polarising and is the embodiment of a very individual motorbike style.
With its premium metal casing, the Micro Rhombus impresses thanks to its high light output.
Thanks to our own control technology**, a practically unlimited service life is guaranteed.
With its modern clear-lens look, the Micro Rhombus can be used to replace either the rear or the front indicator, allowing it to set an entirely new tone.
Suitable for all motorbike types.

With M8x20 thread, flexible attachment and clear lens.

    Made in Germany
    ECE-tested for the front and rear
    Greater safety thanks to the brightness and direct responsiveness of the LED
    Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
    Long Life Protection Guard®, IC-controlled, switching frequency of 330 kHz
    High-quality metal casing
    Suitable for 6-V and 12-V on-board power supplies
    Replaceable silent-rubber adaptor that protects the indicator against damage from vibrations and vandalism

Due to the fact that the Rhombus cannot be mounted in any manner desired, the specifications in the item description result in the following mounting positions:
FL/RR = can be mounted at the front on the left or at the rear on the right
FR/RL = can be mounted at the front on the right or at the rear on the left

If LED indicators are used on vehicles that were not originally equipped with LED indicators, it may be necessary to replace the indicator relay and/or to use resistors to reduce the flash frequency to the permitted rate.

**Combination of the IC-controlled Long Life Protection Guard® circuit with the very latest high-performance LEDs.

Price per unit.