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Givi Monokey® V56 topcase Maxia 4 alu

Order ID 70130000601
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Givi Monokey® V56 topcase Maxia 4 alu

Order ID 70130000601
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Givi Monokey® V56 Topcase Maxia 4

The fourth generation of Givi’s best top case.


  • Huge storage capacity
  • The patented MONOKEY® System makes it possible to use one and the same key/lock to open the case and remove it from the carrier
  • Comes with black plastic lid cover or especially upscale with an aluminium cover
  • Fits directly onto all MONOKEY® Top case carriers (Givi, Kappa, Quick-Lock)
  • Tech version with clear, tinted glass instead of the red reflectors

56 litres storage capacity for two helmets and more
Length x width x height 48 x 60 x 33 cm
maximum load 10 Kg


  • The back cushion (order no. 70150000920) gives the passenger the option of leaning comfortably against the top case
  • The inner bag (order no. 70150000272 or 70150001300) allows for even easier handling of luggage at the destination
  • By means of the Universal Adapter Plate (70060000080), the top case is generally usable on other luggage racks

Top cases, cases and their carriers need no certification and therefore, no test marks, certificates or operating permits.

Price each (without case carrier and back pillow)