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Nolan M5 n-com N64/N33/N21

Order ID 41905900
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Nolan M5 n-com N64/N33/N21

Order ID 41905900
  • Innovative N-Com design on the rear part of the helmet
  • The range of the Bluetooth keyboard is 5 meters
  • Emergency LED brake light system on the rear part of the helmet
  • (ESS) Emergency Break Light System
  • Connect up to two devices simultaneously eg Mobile phone and navigation system.
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Nolan® M5 N-Com®

The Real Revolution

The M5 is the new, universally applicable, communication system by Nolan N-Com. It fits in all the helmets Nolan Group. It offers the highest performance combined with a completely new concept.

Innovative N-Com design on the rear part of the helmet.

The M5 is the first N-Com, which is attached to the back of the helmet. In this way, the wind noise is reduced to a minimum, and the volume in the helmet is perfectly balanced. The keyboard is extremely energy efficient and does not need to be attached to the helmet. You can place the keyboard anywhere. The ergonomic design of the keyboard, the operator is wearing motorcycling gloves easy and comfortable. The flat and ergonomic design provides maximum ease of use of the 4 buttons.

The range of the Bluetooth keyboard is 5 meters.

Emergency LED brake light system on the rear part of the helmet.

NotfdallBremslicht (ESS) Emergency Break Light System.

The M5 offers a true innovation by Bright Red LED Emergency mounted on the back of the helmet.
With a strong or emergency braking, the LED will light and so signals the following transport a dangerous situation.
The system can be integrated by the sensors measure the braking energy and, if activated, the LED lights.

Built-in sensor for measuring acceleration forces.

You can refer to the sensitivity of the acceleration sensor.

Discover the new Auto ON-OFF system.

Auto ON-OFF system
You no longer have to manually turn off the N-com. The integrated motion sensor, the M5 will automatically turn off if no movement of the helmet is detected for 30 seconds.
If the N-com helmet or reattach the M5 enabled and accepts all connections automatically on.

App for Android, Iphone and Ipad.

You can conveniently manage your M5 and control from a mobile phone. In addition, the app offers you a number of options available and additional functions.

The B5 is fully compatible with our N-com app which is available for all major operating systems. (Android, Iphone, Ipad)

With the app, you can manage your N-com and its compounds and make settings

Innovation and Performance distinguish the M5 from other communication systems.
Radio, RDS, mobile phone connections, music and GPS via Bluetooth are some of the innovative capabilities of the system.
Another very important point is that the M5 is able to connect to all standard communication system on the market, also from foreign manufacturers.

Thanks to the universal interface, it is possible to connect the N-Com communication with all other common systems. Also other manufacturers.

It is possible to connect two devices simultaneously.

Connect up to two devices simultaneously eg Mobile phone and navigation system.


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Bin absolut enttäuscht.
Review by Riddick
Ich schließe mich den Ausführungen meiner Leidensgenossen an.Das Gerät ist vollkommen schlecht,Radio geht nicht höchstens im Stand in der Stadt wenn Mann Glück hat ein Sender Antenne 1.lautstärke maximal okay ab 80 km/ h verstehe ich gar nichts mehr.Bin sehr enttäuscht. Update funktioniert nicht den anderen bx1 oder bx5 keine Probleme.nur das Bremslicht am Helm funktioniert super großes Sicherheitsplus.
Absolut NICHT ZU EMPFEHLEN.VOLL SCHEI.......... (Posted on 5/7/2017)
Leider nichts was ich noch mal kaufen würde.
Review by Lukyskywalker
Wichtig !! Updates per N-Com wizard 2.0 lassen sich nur durchführen wenn man das Programm als Admin startet. Inzwischen ist die Deutsche Ansage (Sprache) verfügbar. Radio Empfang ist sehr schlecht, nicht nutzbar. Bluetooth Verbindung zum Smartphone nicht stabil. Gerät absolut nicht ausgereift. (Posted on 6/14/2015)
Nicht ausgereift
Review by Lukyskywalker
Habe das Ding gekauft und an meinem Shoei NXR montiert. Die Sound-Qualität ist ok aber!!- Radio Empfang ist sehr schlecht. Abbrüche beim Bluetooth Empfang. Auf dem Lande kaum ein Sender zu hören. In der Stadt (Berlin) extreme Störgeräusche,Rauschen und Unterbrechungen. Habe das neuste Update. Außer dass, Deutsche Sprache dazu gekommen ist hat es nichts gebracht. (Posted on 6/9/2015)