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Shido lithium battery YTX9-BS (YTX9L-BS)

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Shido lithium battery YTX9-BS (YTX9L-BS)

Order ID 50010800380
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YTX9-BS Lithium Battery (also for YTX9L-BS original)

The high-quality alternative with substantially higher starting power, longer life and considerably lower weight.

Lithium-ion technology offers the following advantages as compared to “standard” lead-acid batteries:

  •  starting current is up to 30% higher – over 40 CA (lead-acid battery: 10 CA)
  •  substantially longer life at over 2,000 cycles under JISD standard (the lead-acid battery only survives around 150–300 complete cycles)
  •  less weight; 700 g as compared to 3,000 g equals a reduction of over 70%
  •  including distance spacers which hold the battery firmly and securely in the battery box – without any further adjustment work!
  •  no environmental contamination – contains no acid or heavy metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury
     contains no acid, cannot leak
  •  quick charging with the compatible charger – up to 90% within 6 minutes
  •  energy saving – stable discharge voltage and low internal resistance
  • extremely safe – non-explosive and non-flammable

12 V
Length x width x height = 150 x 87 x 105 mm
Terminals: positive on the left, negative on the right
Charging current: standard 1.5 A, maximum 15 A
Cold-cranking amps (CCA): 180 A


Almost any high-quality motorbike charger that uses a pulse charging method and has an automatic switch-off can be used.
The keep-fresh-function of these chargers does not work with lithium batteries.

If you connect such a charger, it charges the battery once, then switches off and the users of the motorcycle using current would empty the battery although the charger is still connected.

To make a permanent connection possible, (f.e. in winter time) so the battery is always nearly fully loaded, you need special lithium chargers (f.e. CTEK).

Never use chargers that work with a charging voltage of more than 15 V (for example when working with high peak voltages for checking whether desulphation is required) - you find a note in the instruction manual of your existing charger!

Starting problems may occur at extremely low temperatures (below around −10° C) due to an increase in battery resistance.
However, the integrated management system means that this is less of an issue than with most conventional lithium batteries.
There is also a simple trick you can use: if the battery is not working well under extremely cold conditions, switch your headlights on for between 10 and 15 seconds. That warms up the battery and improves the starting power.

Advice for battery disposal and deposit



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äusserst schlechte Haltbarkeit
Review by Z-Rider
Diese Batterie hat nur eine Saison gehalten !
Trotzdem ich das Motorrad den gesamten Winter in der Garage stehen hatte, wo die Temperatur nicht unter +5 °C gefallen sind
UND die Batterie an einem speziellen Lithium Ionen Ladegerät (CTEK) angeschlossen auf Erhaltungsladung angeschlossen war,
ist sie nun hinüber. - Das nach nur einer Saison !
Schade, für einen damaligen Preis von ca. 80 Euro viiieeell zu teuer ! :-(( (Posted on 3/4/2017)
Nur im Sommer und für Garagenmotorrad zu gebrauchen
Review by Dorfkind
Auch wenn das Verhalten bei kalten Temperaturen von diesen Lithium Akkus bekannt ist, bin ich trotzdem super unzufrieden mit der Batterie.
Sobald es im Frühjahr oder Herbst nachts kalt ist (~10 °C), springt das Motorrad früh nicht an. Da hilft auch das "Aufwärmen" der Batterie mit eingeschaltetem Licht nichts. Da die Kapazität des Akkus so gering ist, springt die Maschine nicht mehr an und die Batterie muss neu geladen werden.. Ist mir mindestens schon 3-4 mal passiert. Zuverlässig ist etwas anderes..
Ansonsten ist das Startverhalten im Sommer ganz gut, Maschine springt schnell an.

Also nur für Garagenmotorräder zu empfehlen, wenn man mal im Frühling/ Herbst oder gar ganzjährig fahren will.. (Posted on 9/24/2016)
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