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Highsider LED daytime running light/positionlight Penta

Order ID 60290004410
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Highsider LED daytime running light/positionlight Penta

Order ID 60290004410
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Highsider LED daytime running light/parking light Penta

LED daytime running lights with 5 LEDs and aluminium holder.


  • Daytime running light with parking light function
  • 5 power LEDs ensure good visibility in traffic
  • Matt black aluminium bracket
  • With slotted holes for universal attachment
  • Can be connected to any 12 Volt motorcycle with light switch

Dimensions (approx.):
Width: 170 mm
Height: 37 mm
Depth: 61 mm
Current consumption at 12.5 V: maximum of 0.4 amps (5 watts)

With E-approval.
The daytime running light is E-mark approved and requires no further documents.
It can easily be installed following the installation regulations (see below).

Price each

Legal installation regulations:
Since April 1, 2013, daytime running lights (DRL) are also allowed on motorcycles. The Essen-based Institut für Zweiradsicherheit (Institute for Motorcycle Safety, IfZ) indicates that only daytime running lights which are tested and approved according to ECE-R 87 are to be included. The labelling of daytime running lights is "DRL". The light colour is white. According to the IfZ optionally one or two DRLs are permitted. The daytime running lamp may be mounted centrally above or below the main headlight as well as on the side. In a side attachment, the edge of the illuminating surface of the DRL cannot protrude more than 25 centimetres from the centre of the bike.

When using two riding lights, these are to be arranged symmetrically to the bike centre, the distance between the illuminating surfaces must not be more than 42 centimetres. Compliance with this maximum distance is void if the DRL is integrated with other front lighting or has a symmetrical arrangement within the bike silhouette. At a distance less than 40 mm to a direction indicator, special regulations must be observed (visibility of the flashing light).

Basically, daytime running lights are to be attached at least 25 centimetres to a maximum of 1.50 meters above the ground and need to shine horizontally forward. They may move along with the steering.

The daytime running light must be switched on automatically when the engine is running. It must be switched off automatically when the "headlights" (headlight low beam, back light and number plate light) are turned on. This does not apply for operating the headlight flasher. According to the IfZ this could be achieved by a separate toggle switch for low beam and DRL.

Even when the DRL is off, the back light must be on. The number plate light can, but need not be switched on. There is no need for the construction to be approved by a testing organisation or registered in the registration papers. However, the construction must be carried out correctly, so that there are no difficulties at the next inspection.