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CTEK charger MXS 5.0 test & charge EU

Order ID 50020000520
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CTEK charger MXS 5.0 test & charge EU

Order ID 50020000520
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Charger MXS 5.0 test & charge EU

The MXS 5.0 TEST & CHARGE is a combination of a highly developed, microprocessor-controlled battery charger and a battery and Alternator tester, it offers the best test, charge, and Trickle charge.
Shop - offers excellent performance at Batteries from 1.2 Ah to 110 Ah. The charger triggers a series of Battery problems, has a patented automatic Entsulfatierungsschritt and a special Rekonditionierungsschritt, of the batteries, in which acid layers have formed, and deeply discharged restores batteries. The patented float / pulse maintenance charging makes the charger ideal for long-term preservation. Check - Three programs easy to use for testing the indicate battery voltage, starting power and the alternator outputa complete picture of the battery state and the health system from the vehicle charging system.

This charger is safe and easy to use, non-sparking,
reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof, and protects the vehicle's electronics.