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Safe Max Hip Level 1 protector 1.0 Type B (2 pieces)

Order ID 320092
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Safe Max Hip Level 1 protector 1.0 Type B (2 pieces)

Order ID 320092
  • innovative Memory PU foam
  • high flexibility
  • the impact residual energy values are above average
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Hips Level 1 Protector 1.0, Type B (2er Set)

Specific protector form for every single type of joints.
1. No double occupancy, respectively one size fits all for several joint types.
Due to the development of a special protector for every type of joint, every single protector can be adapted to different joint sizes.
2. Following the different sizes of knee and elbow joints, the elbow joint protector is smaller than the knee protector.
3. Also, the type A protectors for small sizes are no longer oversized but anatomically adjusted to small-size joints, therefore, clearly smaller than the type B standard-protectors for regular or large sizes.
4. Due to the optimized adjustment to the form and the size of the single joints, a reduction in weight and an improvement in wearing comfort occured.

Innovative Memory PU-foam material with unique viscoelasticity by Safe-Max®
5. The new Memory PU-foam material by Safe-Max® is extremely flexible without being too soft. (The new viscoelastic Memory PU-foam material by Safe-Max® has a unique Flexibility and still enough firmness to prevent it from being deformed.)
6. The high flexibility allowes for a compact, respectively closed contruction. Due to high flexibility and a special convex upper edge, potential pressure points are eliminated so that additional movement laces (for example, with the Safe-Max P-1002.1 elbow/knee protector) are not necessary. This „closed construction” with less “open slits“ provides more safety.
7. The impact residual energy values ??are above average.
Average norm limit for level 1 protectors at ambient temperature = (23°C/50% r.h.) ≤ 35 kN, Safe-Max Level-1 protectors 2.0 are only 17 kN (DIN EN 1621-1: 2012)
8. The uniquely flexible foam perfectly adapts to the joint in every riding position. Pressure points are impossible. You can barely feel the protectors.
9. While other manufacturers claim their level 1 protectors are comfortable, our POLO ones really are!


  • 100 % Polyurethan

Type A protectors fit kid-size clothes or ladies' sizes up to 42 (Ladies M).
Type B protectors fit ladies' sizes from size 44 (Ladies L) and all men's sizes.
The hip protector is only available in size Type B and fits all trousers with appropriate hip protector bags.