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Mizu rear high-up kit S9 9015 for Honda

Order ID 60350002280
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Mizu rear high-up kit S9 9015 for Honda

Order ID 60350002280
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Mizu Rear Suspension Raising Kit

Our rear suspension raising kit allows you to adjust seat and suspension height for your motorbike dynamically.

Mounting the components shortens the wheelbase of your motorbike, giving you sharper handling.
For more fun in the curves.

The height is adjusted with the following modifications:

S(ystem)1 = 2-point struts for modifiying the suspension strut                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        S(ystem)2 = shock absorber connector for the original suspension strut
S(ystem)3 = aluminium strut with needle bearing and Simmerring seals
S(ystem)9 = 3-point struts for modifying the suspension strut

The height adjustment is measured vertically above the rear axle – because a kit is suitable for use with multiple models, information regarding the size of the height adjustment for your model can be found in the bike database.

With ABE type approval.

For our Swiss customers:

Please note, that due to the Swiss traffic regulation you’ll need a valid allowance certificate which will be issued by our Swiss shop assistants and will NOT be delivered with the article.