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Mizu rear high-up kit S12 3010313 for Suzuki

Order ID 60350001870
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Mizu rear high-up kit S12 3010313 for Suzuki

Order ID 60350001870
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Mizu Tail Raising Kit

Provides a dynamic seat and ride height for your motorcycle.


  • Shortening the wheelbase creates more agile handling
  • Creates a greater cornering clearance
  • For more fun cornering
  • The height increase is measured perpendicular to the rear axle
  • Depending on the situation, there are several ways the raising can be achieved (see item name or select box)
  • As one kit can fit several models, you can learn how much your model can be raised in the bike DB

Permit (in Germany):
With operating permit.
The accompanying operating permit booklet must be with you when you ride.
An entry in the bike documents is possible for reasons of convenience, but not required.
For new models it may be the case that, owing to reasons of time, the operating permit has not yet been updated with the Federal Motor Transport Authority - in this case, the kit is then supplied with a TÜV part certificate and the tester (TÜV, Dekra, etc.) must certify the proper installation before use on public roads.
This test certificate must then be carried while driving, similar to the operating permit.
As soon as possible (that is, the next visit to the road traffic department for registration or change of address) this should be transferred into the registration documents.

Price per set for one bike

For our Swiss customers:

Please note, that due to the Swiss traffic regulation you’ll need a valid allowance certificate which will be issued by our Swiss shop assistants and will NOT be delivered with the article.