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Hi-Q battery AGM Gel sealed YTX20L-BS, 12V, 18Ah

Order ID 50010500500
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Hi-Q battery AGM Gel sealed YTX20L-BS, 12V, 18Ah

Order ID 50010500500
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Hi-Q gel battery YTZ12S, 12 V, 11 Ah

Maintenance-free, 12-volt, high-performance starter battery in a closed casing for motorcycles, scooters, quads, snowmobiles, ride-on mowers, etc.


  • the essence of more than 30 years of experience at Polo
  • large purchasing quantities directly from leading manufacturers on the market make this low price possible 
  • lead-acid battery of the highest quality - every battery is thoroughly checked and tested before delivery
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM): the electrolyte is bound in a fleece made of glass fiber, a gel electrolytet is created by adding silicones 
  • this combination results in a reliable high starting performance and hardly any capacity losses due to segregation of the acid layers
  • this starter battery is completely self-contained, therefore, leak-proof. It can be installed in almost any position (poles should point upwards)
  • is already completely ready for installation - no contact with acid possible
  • it requires no maintenance, apart from charging with a suitable charger when not in use for a long time 
  • comes as a total with terminal screws

Initial setup:

  • to avoid damages, please check before installation if this battery fits your vehicle (fit, dimensions, type, position of the poles)
  • the battery is delivered preloaded and does not have the full power - please make sure to charge it to full capacity with a corresponding motorcycle charger (at least with automatic shutdown) prior to installation
  • to protect the poles after connection, we recommend the use of battery grease

Dimensions and performance (approx.):
Length x Width x Height overall: 150 x 87 x 110 mm
Weight: 3,65 kg
Connections: + Pol front left, - Pol front right
Screw connection from above and at the front
12 V
11 Ah
Cold start performance CCA: 210 A
Charging current standard/maximum: 1,1/11 A

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Schlechte Qualität
Review by buu
Habe die Batterie im Sommer 2015 für meinen Jetski gekauft. Im Winter baue ich meine Batterien immer aus und hänge sie an ein Ladegerät (ctek, kein noname Produkt, für Gelbatterien geeignet). Im Sommer 2017, kurz nach Ablauf der 2-jährigen Garantie war die Batterie dann platt. In meiner Verzweiflung habe ich dann wieder geladen, die Kontakte gereinigt und die Schrauben fest angezogen, wodurch sich prompt der Pluspol verbogen hat. Insgesamt bin ich sehr enttäuscht. (Posted on 12/26/2017)