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Yuasa battery AGM MF maintenance-free YTX16-BS, 12V, 14Ah

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Yuasa battery AGM MF maintenance-free YTX16-BS, 12V, 14Ah

Order ID 50011000430
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Yuasa Battery YTX20CH-BS AGM

Maintenance-free 12 volt starter battery for motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, snowmobiles, riding mowers etc.


  • VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) lead-acid accumulator of the highest quality from OEMs of many brands
  • Leak-proof design means that there is almost no possibility for leaks
  • Advanced lead-calcium technology boosts starting performance
  • A sulphation inhibitor provides a substantial reduction in the battery-wasting plate sulphation
  • An extraordinary vibration resistance for a long life means that Yuasa's maintenance-free high-performance batteries last up to three times longer than conventional batteries
  • VRLA batteries keep the voltage longer and require less charging in standby or storage mode
  • Each battery is thoroughly tested and checked before delivery
  • This starter battery comes with an appropriate acid pack
  • It does not require any maintenance after filling


  • Please check before filling the battery whether it is suitable for your vehicle (fit accuracy, dimensions, type, position of the poles), as it is not possible to exchange a filled battery
  • The battery is delivered pre-charged in dry condition - please use only the enclosed battery acid
  • Remove the protective foil from the battery, remove the sealing strip of the battery from the acid, add the acid and allow to stand for about 30 minutes, so that the air can escape easily
  • The closure strip, which was on the acid, is now inserted into the openings of the battery and tightly closed
  • Install battery and start – the battery still does not have the full power (about 70%) in this state, but it can be used for starting several times without problems
  • The battery reaches its full performance on the first trip or in advance using a suitable motorcycle charger (at least with automatic switch-off)

Dimensions and power:
Length x width x height 150 x 87 x 161 mm
Weight: 6.1 kg
Connections: + pole front left, - pole front right
12 volt
18 Ah
Cold start capacity CCA: 270 A

Price per piece including acid pack

Advice for battery disposal and deposit