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Arrow Exhaust X-Kone exhaust 1in1 for Honda CBR 300 R

Order ID 50321580080
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Arrow Exhaust X-Kone exhaust 1in1 for Honda CBR 300 R

Order ID 50321580080
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Arrow X-Kone Exhaust

Visually as well as acoustically an extremely attractive tail pipe silencer.


  • Processed with the highest craftsmanship
  • Oval conical shape
  • Strong performance and throaty sound
  • Outer shell made from nichrome stainless steel with satin finish
  • The end cap of the exhaust is always made of carbon
  • Otherwise, entirely made from stainless steel
  • The holder is welded directly to the silencer and is bolted to the original mounting points
  • Removable dB-Killer for racing use off of public roads
  • As a slip-on, fits the production manifold or pre-silencer with all of the mounting parts to replace the original tail pipe silencer
  • For some models, configured as a complete installation, including the manifold (designated in the material specification in the item description/drop-down box as 1in1, 2in1 or 3in1 or 4in1)

With EC certification (only valid if the dB-Killer is installed and not modified!!).
The tail pipe silencer requires an E-certification mark with a registration number behind it.
Therefore, no other documents are required beyond this. You need not carry registration documents.

For our Swiss customers:
Please note that the Swiss highway code requires that a valid Certificate of Approval must subsequently be obtained through one of our Swiss shops.

Price per piece or, when indicated, per pair depending on the model.

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