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NGK iridium spark plug IMR 9 D-9H (6544)

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NGK iridium spark plug IMR 9 D-9H (6544)

Order ID 50070101490
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NGK Spark Plug Iridium IMR 9 D-9H (4888)

High quality at a reasonable price, which is why NGK is the original equipment supplier for so many motorcycle manufacturers.


  • I = iridium electrode tips for extremely precise ignition spark
  • M = thread diameter: 10.0 mm, Thread length: 19.0 mm, Spanner width: 16.0 mm 
  • R = with interference suppression resistance (5 kOhm)     
  • 9 = heat value   
  • D-9 = 0.9 mm electrode gap
  • H = threads do not run the entire length

Corresponds to the Honda 31911-HW1-671 and 31911-HW1-6710-M1

For a technically correct mounting, spark plugs must generally always be mounted with the appropriate torque spanner.
In order to prevent damage to the spark plugs or engine by improper installation, tighten them to the following tolerances:
Aluminium cylinder head = 10-12 Nm
Cast-iron cylinder head = 10-15 Nm

Price each

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