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YSS shock absorber Z506 hydr. black 400L rear R 1200 GS -07

Order ID 60340455030
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YSS shock absorber Z506 hydr. black 400L rear R 1200 GS -07

Order ID 60340455030
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YSS Suspension Strut Z506-Series with Hydraulic Spring Pre-tensioning via Handwheel

The Z-Series gas-pressure suspension strut including rebound adjustment offers a good improvement over the original running gear.


  • Sensitive response
  • Good stability means shock absorption
  • “Sinter Seal Block Seals” and hard-chrome piston rods exemplify the high-end materials
  • Spring pre-tension can be continuously adjusted in seconds via a handwheel
  • Rebound damping can be adjusted over a wide range via handwheel in 60 clicks
  • Piston diameter 50 mm
  • Piston rod 16 mm
  • Installation tool included in the delivery
  • The colour in the item description or drop-down box refers to the suspension strut colour
  • The three-digit number in the item description or drop-down box indicates the length of the shock absorber – so, for example 270 = 270mm
  • If an L follows the length specification in the item description or in the drop-down box, this suspension strut additionally has an integrated height adjustment of 10 mm

Permission (in Germany):
With operating permit.
The accompanying operating permit booklet must be with you when you ride.
An entry in the bike documents is possible for reasons of convenience, but not required.

Price each or, when indicated as stereo, per pair for both sides of the bike.


For our Swiss customers:

Please note, that due to the Swiss traffic regulation you’ll need a valid allowance certificate which will be issued by our Swiss shop assistants and will NOT be delivered with the article.
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